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One Day CPD Workshops

These one day CPD workshops are designed for counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors, psychologists, mental health professionals, mediators and lawyers. Also for volunteers and support staff working in the relevant fields.  We are also happy to design specialist training specifically for local authorities, agencies and organisations.

We will bring our FMA and SRA accredited one day, CPD workshops to you, providing local and affordable personal and professional development. If you provide the venue, refreshments and facilities, we will run our courses for your organisation for a fixed fee and expenses.

The  Only Way is Ethics :  Maintaining Best Ethical and Legal Practice

Keeping Our Balance: Confidentiality, record keeping, referrals, disclosures - when and how to share information with professionals and others.

Keeping Our Cool: Therapy, Confidentiality and the Courts.For therapists who work with victims and witnsses, or involved in court proceedings.

The Road Map: Essential Law for Counsellors and Psychotherapists Contracts, negligence, duty of care, insurance, practice dilemmas, and more...

Holding the Court  1 : Therapy Records, Reports and Evidence for Court . 
For therapists working with anyone involved in court proceedings, a practical course on records, report writing, and preparing to give evidence.

Holding the Court 2 : Therapists, Court Practice and Procedure
For therapists working with anyone involved in court proceedings, a practical and confidence building course on court procedure and how to present evidence in court

Child's Play in Court 1: Play and Creative Therapy Records, Reports and Evidence for Court .
For play and creative therapists working with children or adults involved in court proceedings, a practical course on how to present creative therapy materials and records, report writing etc as court evidence.

Setting up in Private Practice - The Counsellors' Esential Starter Kit For therapists: things you need to know when setting up in your own practice

Holding the Line Supervisors Course (A)  Duties and Legal Responsibilities of Supervision(Contracts, duty of care, professional standards, negligence, legal and ethical issues in supervision)

Holding the Line Supervisors Course (B)  Supervisory Relationships, Ethics and the Law(Confidentiality, records, mental capacity, consent, making disclosures, discussion of ethical dilemmas in supervision)

Working with Children: For practitioners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland:  Child Protection, Parental Responsibility, Confidentiality, Consent and 'Gillick Competence', Assessments and Referrals.

Early Years, Trauma and Resilience: Impact of early childhood experience on emotional development and adult resilience to traumatic stress.

Unseen Influences in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mediations: the silent impact of culture, community, family myths and mysteries.

Counsellor 'Burn Out' and Compassion Fatigue - Managing Stress in Therapy Work

Working with Vulnerable Witnesses, Reports and Evidence in Court  New Course:   A look at the latest guidance, codes of practice and law in working with children and vulnerable adult witnesses

Participants on our workshops said:

The course was so well presented, relevant & interesting and I enjoyed the day. ' Ruth, Norfolk.

' Counsellors Networking in the South West invited her to do a workshop for us yesterday (Keeping the Balance) and it was superb. '
(Alison, Devon).

'Fast moving, interesting, fun and friendly. Good information regarding
the law. '

'Very much enjoyed the opportunity for group reflection and discussion. '

' Wonderfully person centred '

' Lots of information in a short time period ‘ great value for money’.
                                                                                 (KRCS feedback)


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